What is CBM?

CBM is a group of Jesus-believing, Bible-reading students at Western Sydney University. We welcome people from any belief or background - whether Christian or not - to join with us as we look into God’s great news about Jesus.

At CBM we love to tackle the big questions -

  • What’s God like?
  • What does God think of me?
  • Why am I here?
  • Why did Jesus die?

- and any other questions too!

A typical meeting involves reading a passage from the Bible and considering how it applies to our lives. Bible discussion groups run on each campus - some campuses have a weekly talk too. Our meetings are friendly and informal and you can say as much or as little as you like. We also run some great cross-campus events, like our launch night, the Mid Year Conference, an end of year celebration and the National Training Event.

Join the cross-campus CBM group on Facebook.

What is AFES?

AFES stands for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students - a nation-wide, non-denominational student movement with groups in every state and territory. It seeks to encourage students in their Christian growth and witness.

The AFES website has plenty of great resources - you can also sign up for prayer points with Prayernet.

Also see www.simeonnetwork.org - For Christian postgrads and academics.