1. The name of this Christian Student Group shall be called: Campus Bible Ministries.


Campus Bible Ministries is a non-denominational Christian group on campus, welcoming students regardless of denomination.


2.0 Definitions for the purposes of this constitution, the following terms shall mean:

2.1 CBM shall mean Campus Bible Ministries, a multi-campus Christian religious society.

2.2 AFES shall mean Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

2.3 UWS shall mean University of Western Sydney and it’s Subsidiaries.

2.3.1 To avoid doubt, Subsidiaries shall include, but not be restricted to an organisation which provides services to students of UWS with the authority of UWS.

2.4 Executive shall mean the Multi-Campus Executive of CBM.

2.5 Committee shall mean an individual campus Committee of CBM.

2.6 AGM shall mean the Annual General Meeting of CBM.

2.7 Member shall mean a financial member of CBM in accordance with 4.1.2.

3.0 Aims and Objectives

3.1 The aims and objectives of CBM are:

1. To present students with the Christian gospel and lead them to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. To strengthen Christians in their faith and witness, and to encourage them to continually submit every aspect of their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

3. To ensure that Christians in the University are made aware of the nature, needs and challenges of Christian service at home and abroad.

3.2 Core Beliefs
We are convinced of the fundamental truths of Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures, including:

1. The divine inspiration and infallibility of Holy Scripture as originally given and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

2. The unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.

3. The sovereignty of God in creation, providence, revelation, redemption and final judgement.

4. The universal sinfulness and guilt of human nature since the fall, rendering men and women subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

5. The conception of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit and His birth by the virgin Mary.

6. Redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through (faith in) the sacrificial death, as our representative and substitute, of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God.

7. The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

8. The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit to make the death of Jesus Christ effective in the individual sinner granting him or her repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ.

9. The justification of the sinner by the grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus alone.

10. The indwelling and work of the Holy Spirit in the believer (sanctification).

11. The one universal church which is the body of Christ and to which all true believers belong.

12. The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3.3 Affiliation

3.3.1 CBM will maintain its affiliation with the AFES, which is a non-denominational movement of university students nationwide.

3.3.2 CBM shall maintain affiliation with UWS as long as such affiliation does not counter the Aims and Objectives and Core Beliefs of CBM as set out in 3.0 and 3.2. If any member believes that affiliation with UWS is contrary to 3.0 or 3.2 they may enact 7.8 to bring forth a motion to disaffiliate. A motion to disaffiliate at a General Meeting must be in accordance with the procedures outlined in 9.1.

4.0 Membership

4.1 Membership to CBM is open to all enrolled UWS students, both full and part-time who wholly agree with the Aims and Objectives and Core Beliefs of CBM as set out in 3.0 and 3.2.

4.1.2 A UWS student may obtain membership to CBM by agreeing with the Aims and Objectives and Core Beliefs of CBM as set out in 3.0 and 3.2 and paying membership fees in accordance with 5.0.

4.1.3 Membership rights, including the right to vote in meetings and make a requisition under 7.8 may only be exercised when the member is a full member pursuant to 4.1.2.

4.2 If full membership falls below 10 members, CBM may be dissolved in accordance with the procedures outlined in 9.4.

5.0 Membership Fees

5.1 The membership fee of CBM will be determined by the Executive before each AGM. This fee will be between $1 and $40 per year.

5.2 Membership fees will be paid annually, within one month of affiliation, by all members. Non-financial members will not count towards affiliation numbers.

5.3 Membership fees will be administered by the Executive.

6.0 Executive

6.1 CBM shall have an elected Executive Committee, elected at the General Meeting, in accordance with the provisions in this constitution. They will be responsible for the management and pursuance of the aims and objectives of CBM.
The executive will comprise of (at least)
- President
- Vice-President/ Treasurer
- Secretary
In addition, there may be up to three General Representatives
Where possible the positions will be filled by one member from each campus.

6.2 Each campus may also form its own committee to assist the executive with individual campus activities in pursuance of the aims and objectives of CBM. The committee will comprise of 2-8 members, depending on the size of the campus group and its needs. The multi-campus executive member will be chair of the individual campus committee.

6.3 Executive and Committee members of CBM shall sign a statement of agreement with the aims and core beliefs before taking office and shall continue in office only so long as they agree with them.

7.0 Meetings

7.1 At meetings the President shall be the convenor and chairperson.

7.1.1 If the President is unable to fulfil the role, the Executive Committee shall nominate a proxy.

7.2 Two weeks notice must be given for any General Meetings.

7.3 Quorum for an AGM shall not be less than 7 members of CBM. Quorum for the AGM shall be half of the club membership if there are less than 30 members or if the club membership exceeds 30, quorum shall be 15.

7.4 Election to the office bearing positions will occur at the AGM through voting by the members of CBM. The term of office will be from one AGM to the subsequent AGM (usually 12 months).

7.5 Should an executive committee member resign, the casual vacancy will be filled at the next General Meeting.

7.6 Voting will be done by a show of hands with voting members approving or disapproving the proposal. Approval or disapproval will be by majority vote unless otherwise stated.

7.6.1 Voting of candidates for the Executive Committee will be in accordance with 7.6.

7.6.2 Nominations for office bearers of the executive committee are to be disclosed to the presiding executive committee no less than 24 hours prior to the AGM. The presiding executive, with the assistance of others if requested, may subsequently engage in reasonable inquiries as to the suitability of the nominees/candidates for the office held

7.6.3 Each candidate for the Executive Committee must have at least two other members to endorse their suitability for the position. This endorsement will occur at the AGM election at the time of voting for such candidate.

7.6.4 In accordance with 6.1 when the number of candidates nominated for the Executive Committee exceeds the number of positions available, it shall be decided, by majority vote at the AGM to take either of the following courses:

1. Each member may have only one vote per position available and the candidates with the most votes will take up the position.

2. Each campus may put forward one candidate and at the completion of voting on those candidates any remaining positions may be decided according to 1.

7.7 Decisions at executive and committee meetings shall be by a majority of those present at the meeting.

7.8 The secretary may, for any special purpose, call a General Meeting and shall do so forthwith on the written requisition of any member stating the purposes for which the meeting is called. The business at such a General Meeting shall include, but not be confined to, the purpose named in the notice stated in 7.2.

8.0 Finance

8.1 No member shall incur any expenditure on behalf of the CBM without the approval of the executive or a committee or the General Meeting.

8.2 CBM shall not owe money to any financial institution by the way of overdraft or other loan agreement.

8.3 The financial year of CBM shall commence on the first day in January.

9.0 General

9.1 This constitution may only be amended at the General Meeting by two-thirds majority of members.

9.2 With all matters not specifically dealt with herein, the constitution of the AFES shall apply.

9.3 To the extent that this constitution is inconsistent with the constitution of the AFES, the constitution of the AFES shall apply.

9.4 CBM may be dissolved by resolution of a majority of at least two thirds of the members of CBM present at the General Meeting. A reasonable endeavour must be made to give notice of such motion to at least two-thirds of all active members at least two weeks before the meeting. If upon the dissolution of CBM there remains monies or property whatsoever, it will revert to its affiliates as determined at the dissolution.

9.5 Notice at a CBM cross-campus event or single campus event across all campuses or notice provided on the CBM website shall be deemed a reasonable endeavour pursuant to 9.4.

This constitution is now enacted on this Thursday 23rd day of July 2009.
This constitution was emended on this Thursday 7th day of July 2011.